Vacuum Sleeves for Chip and Slug Removal

Air-Vac Bazooka Vacuum Sleeve

Donald Engineering is proud to partner with Air-Vac to equip our customers with the best vacuum sleeves for chip and slug removal. Air-Vac's Bazooka Vacuum Sleeve was designed and developed as an easy method to remove loose slugs or scrap. The vacuum sleeve will convert compressed air into a vacuum which is applied at the die opening. This vacuum not only prevents slugs from pulling out with the punch, but it carries them away from the die surface through the vacuum source and deposits them in a container.

The advantage of the vacuum system over plain compressed air is - with vacuum you have control of the slugs or parts. With compressed air - pieces can fly back onto the working surface, interfering with the die operation. Installation of Vacuum Sleeves works very well when the application is for individual die openings, such as slugs, slivers, shavings, piercings, and small pieces of scrap.

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