Rotary Motion Automation

Schunk and Donald Engineering: Your Rotary Motion Automation Experts

With its rotary module product range, SCHUNK offers a complete range of compact rotary and swivel units for every handling task and quick and easy integration. Hose-free media feed-throughs ensure process reliability and minimize interfering contours. The monitoring options using sensors and wide range of mounting options for all modules can improve the flexibility of any automated production line. This high tech solution from Germany is only possible through constant innovation.

The World's Most Compact Electric Rotary Gripping Unit

The SCHUNK EGS electric rotary gripping unit makes the switch to pneumatic-free handling solutions child's play. For the first time ever, it successfully combines electric gripping and swiveling in the smallest space in a compact housing. The low-maintenance and price-attractive module paves the way for highly efficient pneumatic-free systems. Coupling of the gripping and rotation gear, patented by SCHUNK, allows continuous rotation without an electric feed-through. The module is equipped with stationary, brushless and thus wear-free 24 V-DC motors. It comes complete without moving cables, slip rings or shock absorbers thus increasing process stability, and the availability of assembly plants.

Schunk SRU+ Universal Swivel Module
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