Press Safety Components

Energy Isolation Does Not Stop at the End of the Wire

Risk AssesmentAll too often, it is believed that controlling a machine's electrical power supply will mitigate the risk of accident or failure and render the machine safe.

However, when it comes to machine safety, electrons are just one of many forces and factors that need to be considered. Energy from compressed air, hydraulic pressure, and gravity are often overlooked. Donald Engineering offers not only the components to build a safety system, but the skills and expertise to apply them correctly as well. From risk assessment and risk mitigation, to control reliable containment of energy, we'll help you to properly design a safety system that protects your employees and your investment in order to ensure a lower total cost of ownership.

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Product Documents and Links

- Safety Catchers and Rod Locks

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- Light curtains, safety mats, Ultra Touch palm buttons - Run bars, light bars, safety gate interlock switches - Safety controller HUB

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Pinnacle Systems

- Complete press control electronics - Brake monitors - Press automation controllers

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Press Room Electronics

- Redundant monitored valve packages for wet clutches

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Continental Hydraulics

- Clutch/brake valves - Air entry lockout valves and distribution systems - Control reliable air dump, cylinder return to home and cylinder stop valves.

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Ross Controls

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