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As a mature industry, air logic remains a valuable, viable, and relevant solution for processes such as light assembly automation, mechanical press clutch/brake operation, explosion-proof and chemically-aggressive and corrosive applications.  However, expensive compressed air that is wasted due to inefficient technology or application can result in not only a tangible financial loss but additional insurance and safety-related costs as well.  Our experience and selection of air logic control, conveyor, material handling, and light assembly tools equip us to develop effective solutions custom-tailored to your application requirements and needs.

To equip you with comprehensive pneumatic solutions we incorporate the following tools:

  • Spool valves
  • Poppet valves
  • Miniature pneumatics; 10-32 thread form up to 3" NPT pneumatics
  • Roundline air cylinders
  • ISO extruded body cylinders
  • Heavy-duty steel and light duty aluminum tie rod cylinders
  • Valves with diminished performance feedback and leak detection
  • Air entry systems
  • Modular air solutions
  • Pneumatic safety systems
  • Actuators: grippers, rotaries, clamps, swing clamps 
From 10-32 thread-form miniature pneumatics through 3” NPT control valves, our range of solutions exceeds current market offerings in energy savings and safety. Our innovative solutions paired with carefully selected, high-quality components will promote the longevity of machines and lower your total cost of ownership.  

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