Pneumatic Gripping

Grippers properly applied for your application

LGP 080 2 finger pneumatic gripperPartnering with Donald Engineering and Schunk brings outstanding value and success to your gripping applications.  Did you know Schunk has developed thousands of variants in their gripper line to offer to you the best options?  From long stroke, to high force, 2-4 finger parallel and angular jaw, pneumatic, as well as low cost grippers, we have a solution for your application.

Recent new product developments have included options for lower cost, with traditional Schunk quality.  Contact your DECI representative to check out not only the flagship PGN+ series, but also inquire about the JGP and LGP options for 2 finger parallel gripping as well as the many other options in pneumatic gripping.

JGP 2 finger parallel option

The JGP 2 finger gripper offers dimensional interchange with the PGN+ family of grippers, with a few less features and lower performance - for the lighter applications that just don't need all the performance and features of the PGN+ line.  
Contact your sales rep to find out if this is a good fit for your application.

Cutaway of a PGN+P

Cutaway of PGN+PNote the permanent lubrication on the piston and base jaws!

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