Motion Control

Donald Engineering: Your Strategic Partner in Motion Control

hydraulic simulatorFrom simple single-axis motions to complex and demanding, ultra-high speed, multi-axis movements, Donald Engineering has you covered. Through years of experience, we’ve developed a proven track record of success with OEM’s, integrators, and users by controlling variables that lower output and end-part quality, and lowering overall cost of ownership. Our wealth of knowledge in a variety of applications equips us for any challenges or difficulties our customers may face. We partner with industry leaders to provide innovative solutions that meet or exceed customers’ demanding application requirements including:

  • Simple single axis motion/position control
  • Multi-axis motion/position control
  • Simultaneous position/force monitoring and control over several axes
  • Velocity/speed control
To equip you with comprehensive automation solutions for both electro-hydraulic and electro-mechanical applications we incorporate the following tools:

  • Vector drives/variable frequency drives
  • Linear motors
  • Roller screws
  • Various feedback devices for closed-loop motion systems
  • Ball screws
  • Hydraulic cylinders w/ integrated LVDT or load cell
  • Continuous or partial rotary motion
Our solutions provide consistent and reliable motion control at extreme speeds and forces for the most demanding applications. Count on a lower cost of ownership through reduced start-up and commissioning investment, greater output, and improved end-part quality with Donald Engineering.

Continental Hydraulics Proportional Family
  • Continental Hydraulics Proportional Family
  • Exlar Tritex II CutAway
  • Schunk ERD
  • Parker Origa OSP GDL Group
  • Jena Tec Ball Screw

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