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Donald Engineering: Your Strategic Partner in Machine Safety

Lockout tagoutAs experts in Total Machine Safety, we understand the real cost of workplace injury. We have the solutions you need to eliminate known hard costs including fines, downtime, reduced productivity, lost wages and medical expenses as well as unknown soft costs including up-time, liability insurance, workers compensation, general liability exposures, talent attraction, and employee retention.

Partnering with Donald Engineering will bring you job-specific best-practice solutions that meet or exceed industry standards and minimum OSHA requirements. Our comprehensive understanding of risk assessment, risk mitigation, and ISO standards allows us to confidently incorporate superior safety measures into all of our solutions. From simple Machine guarding to control reliable components, we offer over 200 years of combined industry experience with OEMs, integrators, and end-user applications. Rest easy knowing your employees and equipment are safe and secure with Donald Engineering.

We incorporate the following tools to equip you with comprehensive machine safety solutions:

  • Electrical: sensors, switches, light curtain, controllers, STO (safe torque off) linear drives
  • Mechanical: rod locks, safety catchers
  • Pneumatic: energy isolation and dump valves, failure to known state valves (cylinder return to home) and control reliable cylinder stop
  • Hydraulic: energy isolation
We take pride in ensuring maximum uptime, lower cost of ownership, and ultimate safety for our customers, their employees, and their equipment. We’ve hand-selected vendor partners who share our values and hold themselves to the highest standards.

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