Machine Safeguarding Systems

Safe Machines + Safe Employees = Lower Cost of Ownership

Moving machine parts, radiating heat, and debris exiting a machine can pose serious threats to the safety of operators and nearby employees. Safeguards are crucial for preventing accidents ranging from crushed digits and limbs to burns to blindness. As trusted experts in Machine Safety, Donald Engineering regularly works to provide machine guarding solutions for our customers. After carefully analyzing your unique application, we'll design and deliver a custom-made machine guarding system that ensures maximum safety for your employees and equipment.

Machine Safeguarding Starts with the Risk Assessment

All too often, we are asked: "how do I make my machine OSHA Compliant?" Although very important, this question rarely probes deep enough.

OSHA standards are periodically updated, but are not always current with best-known safety practices. As the industry develops, new and improved ways of safeguarding operators and equipment are regularly being developed.

Our mission is to bring you the best, most up-to-date solutions available. For an industry-specific overview of latest developments, contact Donald Engineering and we'll arrange a time to review your designs and equipment and walk you through the risk assessment process.

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