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With over 30 years of combined industry experience, we offer ultra-precise repeatable delivery of bulk lubricants as well as delivery of micromist cutting and machining lubricants oil. Because  misappropriating or misdistributing lubricant across parts can be a costly problem, our delivery mechanism specializes in two areas: 

  1. Ultraprecise and repeatable delivery at 1.5% of greases and bulk lubricants that results in consistent grease delivery at specified amounts, while simultaneously reducing air entrainment issues.
  2. The supply and delivery of organic, water-soluble, non-staining micro-mist lubricant for cutting and machining industries, with an MSDS sheet of all zeros. This offers significant advantages over traditional market lubricants:
Our organic lubricant is custom-tailored for its specific application, providing precise lubrication for each component.  Traditional lubricants, in addition to staining, require chemical treatment of metal scrap waste.  Lubricating rather than quenching results in fewer issues with cutter tip degradation. While traditional methods require heat-dissipating coolants, our lubricant eliminates the development of heat and removes the need for coolant, resulting in reduced post-processing costs.  Cutter speed and feed rates can often be increased when using a lubricant as opposed to a coolant, resulting in faster throughput.

Our experience and expertise aids in cost containment and increases productivity by reducing misapplied and misappropriated lubricant, removing air bubbles, and decreasing post-processing management and materials, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

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