Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

Diverse Pump and Motor offerings for your Application

DECI partners with Continental Hydraulics, Oilgear, and Young Powertech to offer a wide and diverse range of hydraulic pumps and motors. With the right tools and expertise for challenges involving high pressure, high horsepower, low viscosity fluids, and water-based fluids, we have the solution for your application.

Continental Hydraulic Pumps and Donald Engineering

Variable volume and pressure compensated design simplifies circuit design, reduces heat build-up and noise, and lowers horsepower requirements. With extremely responsive pumps from 4GPM to 75GPM and 200 to 4000psi, Continental product offering ranges from your basic pressure compensated vane pump, the PVR, to the PVX series vanes pumps. PVX pumps are available with controls for standard pressure compensation, load sensing, remote pressure control, and horsepower limitation. The control options permit our machine design to utilize efficient controls tailored specifically to our customers' systems. Continental also offers variable volume, pressure compensated axial piston pumps, the HPV pump. Variable volume pressure compensated piston pumps match flow to system demand. Your system will generate less heat, and may not need a heat exchanger. Your system can be kept simpler too, with fewer valves and regulators, while still maintaining constant pressure. For long term reliability, and optimum performance, PowrFlow™ HPV Axial Piston Pumps are your best value. Donald Engineering understands all of this and will help you select the best hydraulic pump based on your needs.

Oilgear Hydraulic Pumps and Donald Engineering

Oilgear components operate in the harshest of environments for the toughest applications. Oilgear pumps feature time-tested hard-on-hard technology and a hydrodynamic bearing design that allows the pumps to resist system contamination better than comparable units, as well as operate on environmentally-friendly hydraulic fluids. Today Oilgear supplies fluid power components to the construction, mining, agriculture, and forestry industries, as well as metal forming, stamping, machine tool, and other associated industries.

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