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Robot accessories from SCHUNK include a comprehensive range of modules for mechanical, sensoric, and power connections between handling devices and robots. Quick-change systems, rotary feed-throughs, collision and overload protection modules, force sensors, compensation units, and insertion units ensure optimal interaction between the robot arm and gripper.

Quick-Change Systems

Using SCHUNK change systems for robots on their front ends increases your application's versatility, efficiency, cycle time, and process reliability. Grippers, tools, and other effectors are changed fast with the help of automatic and manual change systems. In the field of automation, SCHUNK offers the most comprehensive portfolio of components for robot applications from small components to heavy load handling. Due to the extensive range of attachment modules and accessories for our change systems, we have the perfect solution for each application.

Automated tool change with precision
When changing grippers, tools and other effectors, the appropriate robot accessories can also significantly reduce manual work or even entirely replace it. While an experienced operator would take ten to thirty minutes to manually re-equip a pneumatic effector, the SCHUNK quick-change system can reduce the time for this procedure to a few seconds, with merely locking and unlocking taking a matter of milliseconds.

Our performance promise. Your benefits.

  • Easy assembly usually without additional adapter plate due to ISO flange
  • Technically mature locking systems
  • Change system for every application
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