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Directional Control Valves for Every Application

From D03 to D10, Donald Engineering offers a full array of hydraulic directional control valves. We are incredibly adept at pairing these products with our customers applications and problems in unique ways to provide the best possible outcomes. Continental Hydraulics, known for their quality and authenticity, consistently delivers a high quality, competitively priced product. In addition to D03 through D10 directional valves, Continental also offers a full line of modular stack valves or sandwich valves. We look forward to working with you to pair our components with your applications.

Oilgear Spike Relief

Donald Engineering Co., Inc. is proud to represent Oilgear. Their line of screw-in cartridge valves has clearly demonstrated what separates them from other vendors. Unlike other screw-in cartridges on the market, Oilgear’s unique design creates a rugged, high-performance valve that can be used for years and is capable of being taken apart for cleanup and reassembly for continued service.

One unique valve that Oilgear produces is their Hydraulic Spike Relief Valve. This valve is pilot operated and provides extremely fast reaction times. Within a few milliseconds of detecting a spike, the valve will open to relieve hydraulic pressure and protect the pump or system from potential damage.

The Oilgear screw in cartridge is capable of screwing into a pre-made inline body or a pre-made flange style body. The flange style can be mounted directly to the outlet of most pumps and is the first and greatest defense against damage from hydraulic spikes. Pressure ranges run from 50 psi to 5000 psi and are completely adjustable to fit your needs.

Help protect your system with Oilgear and the most reliable and rugged spike relief valve in the industry.

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New Modular Stack Valve from Continental Hydraulics

The FO*MSV-BV modular stack valve is designed to help block oil movement both from the control valve or from the actuator. Typically used with Proportional valves with Zero-Lap type spool configurations that could allow oil movement when the system is shut down.

This valve will block flow when de-energized and will allow bi-directional flow when energized. Both the A and B work ports incorporate a 2-way, 2-position bi-directional, normally closed poppet type solenoid valve. Energizing the solenoid will allow full flow to the system.

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