Donald Engineering: Your Strategic Partner for Custom Solutions

At Donald Engineering, Innovation Runs Deep. From simple tasks to the most complex and demanding motion control challenges, our experience and expertise shine. We develop custom solutions for our customers through the use of our in-house machining and electrical capabilities and expertise, as well as partnerships with our vendors.

For over 50 years our tailor-made products and solutions have provided positive outcomes for those we serve. Check out examples of past projects below and Contact Us today to discuss what we can do for you.

Ford Sniff Tester

When Ford reached out to Donald Engineering looking for a custom built validation test piece, DE delivered with a power air sampling unit incorporating products from Clippard and Divelbiss, showcasing DE's custom machining and fabrication capabilities.

Automatic Drill Fixture Controls without PLC

Custom controls (air logic) for drill fixtureWhen an Aerospace Customer asked for assistance in designing and building a drill fixture, DECI delivered with a mobile machine base equipped with coolant reclamation and a pump and fitted a customer provided pneumatic powered drill head.  The fixture has both auto and manual controls operating the drill head, as well as coolant pump control, filtration and level monitoring.  This machine is mobile and operates entirely on compressed air.  

Custom Marine PLC Kit

To open and close doors, sunroofs, and hatches in applications specific to the marine industry, Donald Engineering developed a water-resistant and shockproof Programmable Logic Controller to withstand harsh vibration and moist atmospheric conditions. The PLC is equipped with multiple digital inputs and outputs and can be completely customized using simple ladder logic. This unit is capable of not only opening and closing a door, window or sunroof but also monitoring open and closed positions as well as performing safety checks to prevent injuries before closing.

Donald Engineering possesses the ability to expand this PLC with analog inputs and outputs as well as wireless communications in which the unit can notify anyone or anything of use, task completion, or system error via phone line.

Marine Air Compressor Assembly

To meet the specific application needs of the marine industry, Donald Engineering developed an air compressor assembly for air horn operation and other accessories on board such as the sunroof. This compact unit minimizes wasted space on the vessel and is designed to withstand the harsh operating conditions of the marine environment.

DE Custom Filter Carts

When customers are in need of a custom filter cart, Donald Engineering delivers with solutions tailored to their exact needs and specifications. Our custom filter carts help to lower our customer's total cost of ownership by mitigating contamination of their hydraulic systems and equipment. 

Custom Guarding

As trusted experts in Machine Safety, Donald Engineering regularly works to provide custom machine guarding solutions for our customers. After carefully analyzing your unique application, we'll deliver a tailor-made system that ensures maximum safety for your employees and your equipment.

Custom Manifolds

ManifoldDonald Engineering regularly designs and builds custom manifolds for our customers' unique hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Pairing our expertise with the best components on the market, we'll design and develop a specialized solution for your unique application.

DE Custom Vacuum Pump

To equip customers with high-quality vacuum pump systems, Donald Engineering regularly produces custom-built units that are both mobile and suited for use in a wide variety of applications. This particular pump can plug into 110 vac or 220 vac and was built with an onboard filter and vacuum gauge.

Vendor Partner: Milwaukee High-Temperature Cylinders

Our vendor partner Milwaukee Cylinder provides temperature resistant cylinders that are capable of withstanding applications involving prolonged exposure to extreme heat. We'll work with you to decide whether or not these parts are the right fit for your needs and can assist with proper installation and maintenance.

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