Donald Engineering: Your Strategic Partner in Automation

Factory AutomationWith over 200 years of combined industry experience in developing automated systems, Donald is your go-to partner for any automation need. To bring you custom-tailored solutions, we incorporate unique components for processes ranging from gripping to electric force and position sensing to vacuum systems.

We’re proud to partner with carefully selected privately held vendors who are committed to manufacturing premium grade products in the United States and Europe. These better-engineered components deliver consistently higher performance, precision, and repeatability for applications including:

  • Strategies to reduce re-grip
  • End of arm tooling (EAOT)
  • Linear high-speed transfer and positioning, including force control
  • Rotary indexing and transfer
  • Specialty PLC for embedded machine logic control
To equip you with comprehensive automation solutions we incorporate the following tools:

  • Pneumatic grippers: 2-finger, 3-finger; parallel, angular, short stroke, long stroke
  • Electric grippers: 2-finger, 3-finger; parallel, angular, short stroke, long stroke
  • Collaborative automation/robotics end-effectors
  • Rotary modules
  • Linear slides Robot accessories - EOAT
Our custom automation solutions ensure the highest value for your applications needs, helping you to maintain maximum uptime and realize a lower total cost of ownership.

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