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The employees of Donald Engineering have worked hard to make sure you are well informed, have the right information to make an educated decision, and the confidence that you are working with the right group for your fluid power and motion control needs. Our team goal is to open our door to you. We hope you will feel the passion and our commitment to a quality solution.
Donald Engineering represents the highest quality products in Fluid Power and Motion Control.

Our customer commitment is backed by our component suppliers. This gives us confidence we can be part of the solution.

We inventory air and hydraulic components, including:

Directional Valves
Hydraulic, Pneumatic, multiple selection of actuating devices as well as power requirements.
Pneumatic Actuators
Air Cylinders, Pancake Cylinders
Hydraulic, Pneumatic
Mission Statement: Our goal is to understand and exceed our customer’s fluid power or motion control requirements and expectations. We will develop mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, vendors and employees through loyalty, respect, education and stewardship of resources.

Quality Statement: Committed to distributing and representing only manufacturers of top quality fluid power and motion control products and accessories, Donald Engineering’s responsibility is to understand our customer’s needs and maintain a high level of application knowledge. Our dedication to detail will assure each job is completed to a level of mutual satisfaction in the appropriate time allotted.
Donald Engineering became a reality in 1963 when co-founders Donald and Barb Gauthier realized their goal of building an engineering and distribution company in the fluid power industry. Their company went on to become the industry benchmark for customer service, quality, and attention to detail.

Today, Donald Engineering continues this vision. Our strength is founded in the education of our employees. Their continued commitment to detail, education and service is proof of our commitment as a company.

Our purpose is to provide our customers with a full range of technical and product distribution services.
Solutions... Ideas... Innovation.
They take shape,
at Donald Engineering.
Beyond hardware and components...
We bring you answers.

Bring us your questions, about processes, about technology,
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about what’s possible. We can help you accomplish your objectives through sound thinking, design, and solid engineering. We have the dedicated resources you need to develop and obtain specialty solutions and devices.

Beyond solutions, there is time, cost, and efficiency. We know how these play as well; critically important to your success. Talk to us at Donald Engineering. See for yourself how innovation runs deep.
Industrial - What We Do

Since the early 1960’s Donald Engineering has been a solution provider for Industrial Fluid Power control. Over the past few years, we have expanded our offering to provide electrical motion control solutions as well. By definition, we are a distributor for motion control products and systems. By practice, we are a solution provider. We have worked in areas of metal fabrication, stamping, roll forming, material handling, and industrial automation.

Expertise We Bring

Our staff at Donald Engineering brings many years of engineering experience to the table. We have both Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering staff to provide just the right solution. Donald Engineering has represented great manufacturers of fluid power product like Clippard, Ross Controls and Continental for over 35 years. We also have full factory support.

Product Solutions

Hydraulic system design and implementation
  o Automation
  o Press control
  o Bending
  o Transfer
  o Position control
  o Fluid conditioning solutions

Pneumatic systems
  o Automation
  o Pick and Place
  o Air Circuit design and build
  o Custom solutions

Over the past few years Donald Engineering has grown into more than an Industrial Fluid Power distributor and design firm. We have expanded into electronics. These systems now allow us to broaden our offerings:

Servo and stepper motor components and controllers
  o Transfers
  o Automation
  o Bending
  o Position control

Linear and rotary actuator systems
  o Gantry
  o Pick and place
  o Packaging
  o Assembly
  o Parts transfer

Medical - What We Do

Donald Engineering provides many solutions for the Medical industry. We have had the opportunity to work with medical device, pharmaceutical, analytical and dental industries. Our expertise assists in solutions pertaining to fluid transfer, fluid directional control and medical device project management. We also have provided solutions for automation, testing, and motion control.

Expertise We Bring

With the companies we represent, we are able to provide solutions for material handling, from tubing to more sophisticated clean room automation applications. As well, we have the ability to project-manage the development of medical device components. Our wide range of product offerings and expertise back us with many tools to build custom solutions.

Product Solutions

Clean Room Automation

• Transfer parts via
  o Pick and place
  o Vacuum

• Fluid control devices
  o Valving
  o Quick connects for electrical and fluid process control
  o Tubing

• Motion control
  o Servo and Stepper control products
  o Linear motor actuators

Medical Device Development

• Design Engineering
• Product development
• Prototype build

Safety - What We Do

Donald Engineering has been in the Safety business for over 40 years. Our experience and education can assist your business with machine safety audits, mechanical press audits and assistance in risk assessments.

We also offer a multitude of safety related products. We can also can train your staff. We assist with designing safety circuits for pneumatics and hydraulics to help assure total machine safety.

Expertise We Bring

We have on staff a combined time of over 80 years of experience working with safety related projects. We are backed up by some of the top manufacturers in the world for control reliable pneumatic safety valves.

Product Solutions

The products we bring to market have a broad application range.

• Press Controls:
  o Double Valve for Clutch Brake system
  o Light Curtains
  o Electronic Press Controls
  o Press Guarding

• Machine Safety:
  o Pneumatic lock out valves
  o Control Reliable safety dump valves
  o Light Curtains
  o Safety Mats
  o Hydraulic Double Valves
  o Pneumatic and Hydraulic Rod Locks
  o Safety Catchers for Falling Loads.
  o Machine guarding

• Food Processing:
  o Stainless Steel Lock Out Valves for Pneumatics

• Total Machine Safety Course

Off Road - What We Do

Donald Engineering ventures beyond the confines of walls. Our expertise has brought us out into the fields, onto the ocean and into the woods. We have worked with some of the top manufacturers of off road equipment to assure their components work safely, accurately and reliably.

Expertise We Bring

We offer expertise in motion control design and build for most off road applications. This can incorporate pneumatic, hydraulic as well as electrical design. Our wide range of products and knowledge based experience offer turn-key solutions to most any motion control challenge.

Product Solutions

We represent world class products specifically build for off road equipment.

Hydraulic Pumps:
• Variable volume piston pumps from 6 gpm to 200 gpm with pressures up to 6000 psi
• Variable volume vane pumps from 6 gpm to 70 gpm with pressures up to 3000 psi
• Fixed displacement pumps gear as well as vane.
• Pumps made for specialized fluids

• Directional control valves for hydraulics
  o AC, DC or manual control, manifold mounted
  o Cartridge valve design - Slip-In, Screw–In
• Proportional controls for hydraulics
  o Pressure control
  o Flow control
  o Compensator control on pumps
  o Position control
  o Electronics for controlling motion control
• Pneumatic safety valves
• Dirt tolerant pneumatic control valves made specifically for certain environments.

Process - What We Do

Donald Engineering is in a unique position to work in many industries and with many technologies. Our well-rounded understanding and experience allows us to offer assistance to the process industries, often bringing a fresh approach and other points of view from outside industries. We work with customers, helping them understand and improve the many nuances of their process that are out of their core competencies. This allows them to focus on what makes their product unique and gain knowledge that comes from other disciplines.

Expertise We Bring

Within our staff we have experience and expertise in Motion Control / Closed Loop Control, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Project Management, Tooling, Machining, Fixturing, Pneumatic Machine Control – Air Logic, and special machine design. Our sales and engineering staff has over 80 years combined experience at Donald Engineering, plus previous experience.

Product Solutions

Medical Device Development, Packaging, Fluid Routing and Control, Leak Test, Bulk Material Conveyance, Process Monitoring and Sampling, Position – Pressure – Velocity – Force Monitoring and Data Logging, and more.

Line Card

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